If you’ve signed the standard Trimark Properties lease, you have the option of subleasing. The information on this page summarizes how subleasing works. You can also read the sublease section of your lease and the intent to sublease addendum found here for complete details.


  • You must maintain your account balance in order to sublease. Accounts that are past due will not be allowed to sign on additional residents/sublessees.
  • You will be responsible for advertising the sublease, talking to potential sublessees, showing the apartment/house/room to the potential sublessees, and getting them to sign onto the lease agreement.
  • Most importantly, you should remember that when/if you sublease, you remain on the lease through the entire lease term. You’ll become jointly responsible with your sublessee (and any other lease signors/roommates), so you’ll want to choose someone who will act responsibly.
  • Before the sublessee can sign onto the lease, you (and all other lease signors) will need to give written permission for them to sign onto the lease. You give this permission by filling out the sign-on permission form here.
  • The sublessee will need to sign onto the lease and will then become jointly responsible with the original lease signors (including you) for rent and damages. Sublessees must financially qualify; most residents do so by agreeing to provide a completed cosignor form.
  • Since the sublessee would be signing onto the lease as additional lease signor, the rental rate would remain the same, and they will be agreeing to all of the same terms that you agreed to when you signed the lease.
  • The lease dates do not change when they sign on. In other words, if your lease starts August 10, 2024 and ends July 27, 2025, and the sublessee signs onto the lease on January 1, 2025, they are legally responsible for rent and damages until the lease ends on July 27, 2025 (even if they are moving out before that date).
  • If the sublessee is not a current or previous Trimark resident, the account will be charged a $50 application fee. The only fees associated with subleasing are the one-time $250 sublease fee (for each time you sign on a sublessee) and tge one-time $50 application fee (per person who signs onto the lease). Both of these fees are listed in the lease agreement which you’ve already signed.
  • See info below on what to do if you want to sublease and how to start the process.


  • If you would like to attempt to sublease, start by emailing to request the Intent to Sublease Addendum.
  • We will then email you the addendum. You can sign the addendum on your phone or computer.
  • Once we receive it back, your account will be charged a one-time $250 sublease fee.
  • You will then be responsible for all advertising, negotiating of rent, and securing the sublessee sign on.
  • If you would like to request a listing on the sublease/roommate section of our website, complete this form. Remember that this is not meant to be a sole form of advertising, and Trimark is not responsible for errors or omissions on this listing page. Note also that Trimark will only approve the sublease listing after you have signed the Intent to Sublease Addendum and paid the one-time $250 sublease fee.
  • If you find a qualified renter(s), you and any other lease signors / roommates will need to give written permission via the Sign On Permission Form before the sublessee can sign onto the lease.
  • After we receive the sign on permissions from all lease signors, we will email the lease to your sublessee.
  • Follow up with your sublessee to ensure that they sign onto the lease; it is your sole responsibility to ensure that they sign the necessary paperwork.
  • Please note that if you choose to pursue this option, it is solely your responsibility to secure a sublease.
  • After the person signs onto the lease, you can give them keys and they can move in.

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