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1000 Building at Catalyst Park

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1150-3326 sqft


10-33 People

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Office Space in Gainesville

Available for July 2019 move-in! Currently undergoing full renovations, this office building is completely customizable to fit the needs of your business. This 3,400 square foot building is composed of two suites, Suite 10 and Suite 20. Suite 10 (1,150 sqft) is currently available for July 2019! Enjoy a brand-new, contemporary interior with features such as exposed steel beams, wood accent walls, modern kitchenettes with upgraded appliances and lots of windows for plenty of natural light. Trimark's award-winning design team can also help customize the space with private offices, executive suites and conference rooms to create a layout that works best for your team. Contact us today and receive a custom floorplan within 48-72 hours!

Office space- Ready for move in

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This office space is ideal for a law firm, accounting firm, or call center. The office space is 1,111 square feet with features such as a kitchenette, two restrooms, possible executive suites or shared offices and more. Can’t visualize your office here? Give us 72-hours and we will send you a customized office arrangement.

Located in the heart of Gainesville

Catalyst Park is located between the University of Florida, downtown and Innovation District in the heart of Gainesville. Catalyst Park is made up of six individual buildings, all with private entrances and parking for employees. This easily accessible office space is conveniently located and has multiple attached parking lots for your employees and clients. Our award-winning team keeps the entire property looking its best with frequent maintenance and beautiful landscaping. Your business can also benefit from the student talent of University of Florida students, located less than a mile away.

We'll customize this office space to your unique business needs

Let our award-winning design and contracting team do all the work for you (or do your own customization). Our professional team will design a floorplan with custom offices, conference rooms, and storage areas designed around your business's unique needs - with no upfront design or construction expenses for you or your business! We can design a custom floorplan that will provide the most efficient use of the space - saving you money and increasing productivity.

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About 1000 bldg at Catalyst Park

Office features
Two shared offices
Two executive suites
Greeting room


City, state, and federal incentives are available for select businesses that move into the Gainesville Innovation District area. Allow our business development team to analyze your eligibility and seek out any incentive packages that your company may qualify for. Contact us for details.

Company Relocation

To encourage businesses to relocate to Gainesville, the city is offering this incentive. Moving expenses can be reimbursed to companies moving into the CRA. Companies that qualify may be reimbursed for equipment set up and recalibration costs for technology. Total reimbursement received is based upon the number of employees who are being relocated.

High-Wage Job Creation

This incentive encourages businesses to create long-term high-wage jobs in the technology sector in Gainesville, FL. If eligible, the grant received is paid out over two years to companies that create these jobs, and pay at least 150% of Alachua County’s average annual wage.

Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund

This refund is for companies that create high-wage jobs in targeted high value-added industries in Gainesville, FL. The qualified industry tax refund includes refunds on corporate income, sales, insurance premium and more. Businesses that are approved may receive up to $3,000 per employee.

This location is also eligible Florida High Tech Corridor program incentives as well as numerous other incentive programs including (but not limited to):

Quick Response Training Program

This incentive is for companies looking to hire new employees. The quick response program provides training for new employees as well as reimbursable expenses. Those that qualify will receive reimbursements for instructor and trainer wages, curriculum development and more.

Incumbent Worker Training Program

This incentive is for pre-existing workers. The company can be provided training for currently employed workers. Companies that qualify may receive up to $50,000 of training supplies and services for their employees.

Economic Development Transportation Fund

This incentive tool was designed to make transportation costs for companies relocating easier. It's also known as the "Road Fund," this tool alleviates transportation problems that adversely impact a company’s location or expansion decision. The amount given to each company is based on the number of new and retained jobs. Eligible companies can receive up to $3 million in compensation.

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Not sure if this space is the right fit? We'll provide a custom conceptual floorplan with 72 hours, free of charge.