Luxury Dorms for University of Florida Students

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Why Choose a Luxury Dorm Over a Traditional Dorm?


Newer and Nicer

Our Luxury Dorms near UF are newer than traditional University of Florida dorms. The dorm rooms are bigger and offer more privacy, while maintaining a social atmosphere. Choose between rooms with private or shared bathrooms.



Luxury Dorms are closer than many traditional dorms to University of Florida classes, Sorority Row, dining halls, and libraries.


The Traditional Freshman Experience

Incoming freshman won't miss out on the typical freshman experience that traditional dorms provide. Meet other University of Florida freshmen who are going through the same transition as you, from high school to college life, all in a more luxury setting.

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Which Dorm Near UF is right for you?

University of Florida students looking for the best dorms at UF should strongly consider Luxury Dorms instead of the traditional University of Florida dorms (such as Cypress Hall, Beaty Towers, Yulee Hall, Jennings Hall, Keys Complex, Lakeside Complex, Infinity Hall, Tolbert Hall, etc). Our Luxury Dorms offer the largest room sizes (up to 30% larger than traditional UF dorms), newer accommodations, and an upscale setting where they can meet other students.

Rushing a Sorority? Our Luxury Dorms are the closest housing options to the University of Florida's Sorority Row. University of Florida dorm room comparisons can help you decide which is the best choice for you.

The BEST Luxury Dorm for University of Florida Students

Luxury vs Traditional Dorms Comparison Chart

Most Popular Floorplan for Freshmen

Double Dorm Rooms at Luxury Dorms Near UF

  • Up to 30% LARGER than the typical freshman double dorm room
  • Meet other University of Florida students
  • Closer to classes, libraries, dining halls, and sorority row
  • Newer and Nicer than tradition college dorms.

Sorority girls sitting on a dorm bed in a double dorm room

I just got accepted to UF, when should I sign up for a dorm?

Because rooms at our Luxury Dorms fill up very quickly, we recommend reserving a luxury dorm room as soon as possible.

University of Florida freshman girls admiring their double dorm room

Luxury or Traditional- Which is right for me?

There's a few factors that affect whether you should choose a Luxury or Traditional dorm, such as the building's location, bathroom options, roommate matching options, room size, price and whether placement is guaranteed for a room when you sign up.

UF freshman girls relaxing on a couch included in their furniture package

Can I reserve a Luxury Dorm if I have a UF Housing Contract?

That may be possible, depending on the time of year and whether the school is currently accepting cancellations of signed contracts. Please call one of our housing specialists for more information about making changes to your Housing Contract.

UF Sorority freshman girls relaxing in their luxury double dorm room

Can I reserve a dorm even if I haven't been accepted to UF?

Short answer: Yes. If you have not yet been accepted to UF, you can request the Freshman Contingency Addendum. When signed with your housing contract, this allows you to cancel your housing contract should you not be accepted into UF.

Reserving a Dorm Near UF


1. know your options

Get to know your options by exploring dorm tours, dorm reviews, floorplans and dorm FAQ.


2. Choose your dorm size

Choose your preferred dorm room size between Single or Double Luxury Dorm Rooms. Reserve Now to secure your spot!


3. Reserve Your Room

Fill out the dorm reservation form and we will send you everything you need to complete your reservation!

Take A Video Tour

Newly accepted to the University of Florida? Congrats! Incoming UF freshman and upperclassmen are welcome to take in-person or virtual tour of our luxury dorms, check out the amenities, and talk to students who currently live in our dorms near UF.

Not coming to the Swamp for a visit? No problem! Check out this video tour our our luxury dorms and get a sneak peak into what it’s really like your freshman year of college. Current UF students and luxury dorm residents discuss their dorm experience, roommate matching, dorm room sizes, compare the luxury dorms with traditional campus housing options, and more!

Are you interested in having the traditional college dorm experience without dealing with the negatives of on-campus dorms? Learn more about the benefits of living in a luxury dorm near the University of Florida.