Trimark Recommended Companies

Trimark recommends the following companies to our residents:

For moving help
- UF Mover Guys call for more information or visit our site
(352) 415-0886
see info here
- 2 College Brothers call for more information or visit our site
(352) 354-9639
see info here

For storing furniture and other items during lease gaps
- I75 Storage
Archer Rd Location
(352) 354-9639
see info here
41st Blvd Location
(352) 375-7955
see info here

For cleaning services
- A Beautiful Touch Cleaning Services - see info here
(352) 231-2023

For renter's insurance
- Corbin Emerson, State Farm, (352) 238-0513 - see info here

For groceries & fresh eats, steps from your apt
- Publix The closest Publix to your Trimark home is located on the corner of
SW 13th St and SW 1st Ave
(352) 354-9639
Click here for directions

For pizza
-Domino's Pizza - see info here and here

For sandwiches and more, super fast
-Jimmy Johns (delivers to your Trimark apt) - see info here
(352) 375-7222

Mexican Food
-El Indio (Take out/ Pick Up / Drive Thru) - see info here
13th Street Location
(352) 377-5828
34th Street Location
(352) 336-4441

Have questions? Give us a call 352-376-6223.