107 at Gainesville Innovation District

A one-of-a-kind modern office space perfect for any forward-thinking company.


WHO BUILT IT: Trimark Properties

WHAT IS IT: A two-story luxury office building ideal for progressive companies who desire a location in the heart of Gainesville's central business district.

WHAT'S COOL ABOUT IT: Businesses benefit from a state-of-the-art workplace which encourages collaboration, creativity and teamwork through its open floorplan and unique, contemporary design.

WHERE IS IT: Innovation District, the city's dynamic tech and research district situated between UF and downtown.


Gainesville's Best Location

The 107 office building is positioned in Innovation District, the city’s cutting-edge region where dozens of flourishing tech startups have recently established headquarters. Your company will be situated between the University of Florida campus and downtown, giving you premier access to resources and talent from the top-ranked college. You'll be close to a network of other successful, growing companies, as well as local entertainment and restaurants in downtown. There is no better location in Gainesville to locate your business than at 107 in Innovation District.

In the heart of Gainesville and Innovation District


Employees at the 107 will located walking distance to Gainesville's highest-rated restaurants, cafes, and bistros - so they can conveniently recharge during break and quickly get back to work.


Quickly becoming known as the go-to-place for startups and tech companies, the Innovation District business network brings progressive, pioneering companies together into one ideal location.


Over 6,000 of the sharpest minds in Florida graduate every year from the University of Florida. 107 is positioned in an ideal location just steps away from campus, making it easy for companies to recruit these graduates into full-time employees.

Let Teamwork & Creativity Flow

The 107 office building is a contemporary, two-story luxury office space ideal for a company which thrives off of collaborative energy and teamwork. This isn’t your traditional, cubicle-filled workplace: this office offers businesses the perfect balance between open work areas and private breakout suites. Creativity flows and innovative ideas bloom as employees bounce ideas off each other in the open, communication-friendly work spaces located on each floor. When it’s time for a group meeting, employees can head to the spacious downstairs conference room which boasts a unique, glass-front roll-up door overlooking a cozy fenced-in patio. The upstairs features two private offices, perfect for executive suites or a location for smaller meetings. Employees will also enjoy a modern kitchenette and serene outdoor garden area.

The building’s exterior itself exhibits a striking modern appearance, blending together cool wooden and metal accents with beautiful lush landscaping. Modern interior design elements such as exposed ductwork, stained, polished concrete floors and an abundance of windows for natural light create a comfortable, contemporary atmosphere.

If you are a forward-thinking company looking to grow your business in a luxury office space near the heart of campus, the 107 office building is perfect for you.


Recruit individuals that will bring value to your company. Trimark Properties strives to develop comfortable, inviting offices where employees actually want to work. We collaborate with esteemed interior designers, architects and engineers who are familiar with the desires of current working professionals to create a first-class office space tailored to appeal to prospective employees. When people pass by your office, we want them to think:

"Wow. That looks like a cool place to work."


Trimark Properties knows a company's office environment shapes its success. The office space you lease from us is not just another attractive building - it inspires productivity, creativity and collaboration, and acts as a representation of your firm's values and culture. Our high-quality designs and attention to detail ensure that your company's first impression on potential clients, employees and investors is one that will confidently stand out.

Trimark's Planned Growth Program

"As a business expands and their needs evolve, the building will progress with them. We call this our 'planned growth' program. Our design team collaborates closely with our tenants to produce an adaptable floorplan that is able to accommodate for projected expansion. Companies can add a substantial number of employees without needing to add square footage or relocate to another building. Adaptable office spaces like these are essential in order to attract progressive, rapidly-developing firms to Gainesville."

— John Fleming, Managing Partner, Trimark Properties

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1910 SQFT

The two-leveled 107 Building provides the perfect compromise between open work areas and private offices. The first floor comprises of an expansive work area, a spacious conference room leading out to a private deck, and a kitchenette. The second floor also features an open work area, along with two private offices and a full-sized kitchen. Perfect for around 18 employees.

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Don't miss out on the chance to position your company in a state-of-the-art building designed with your success in mind. This eye-catching office space will impress your clients and attract both investors and employees.

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