Request for Affidavit of Indigency

Due to recent developments of COVID-19, individuals and businesses now find themselves facing financial hardship. No one has been spared by the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to meet our legal and financial commitments to our community, residents, employees, vendors, contractors, mortgage providers, utility providers and to pay our bills, we must collect rents on a monthly basis. We are unable to meet our obligations if we offer termination of leases, and we therefore will not offer any lease terminations due to COVID-19. We encourage all residents and cosignors to review the Relief for Renters Flyer which summarizes information provided by the National Housing Council.

First and foremost, if you have savings to pay for rent, we respectfully ask you to pay your rent as outlined in your lease agreement. Trimark can only provide a limited number of rent extensions and must save those options for renters who are truly facing the most extreme hardship.


If you have income and/or savings and need an extension or late fee waiver in order to pay rent this month, please fill out the Late Fee Waiver Request Form instead of the form below. The form below is only for residents and cosignors who are facing the most extreme financial hardship.


Some residents and cosignors now find themselves indigent, without any income or adequate savings to pay for food, utilities, and housing. In these cases, residents and cosignors on the lease agreement have no way to meet their financial obligations on the current schedule. In this case, residents and cosignors may fill out the form below to request a legal document which they may complete in order to prove their indigency. You may view a read-only sample copy of the Affidavit of Indigency which Trimark will send you after you complete the request form below. All residents and cosignors on a lease agreement must independently submit an Affidavit in order to be considered for any Temporary Rent Restructuring. The Affidavit requires residents and cosignors to give detailed information on their financial status, including income, savings, available credit balances, real estate holdings and more. While this information may seem intrusive, please understand that Trimark can only provide a limited number of Rent Restructuring options and must have the detailed information in order to determine which tenants and cosignors are truly facing the most dire financial hardship.

Note that it is against the law to fraudulently misrepresent the information asked on the Affidavit.

The Request for Affidavit Form below only needs to be filled out ONE TIME by either resident or parent on the lease. Once you submit the below form, Trimark will review the account and send the Affidavit of Indigency to each resident and cosignor on the lease agreement. Once we receive a completed Affidavit from each resident and cosignor, we will review the details and documentation provided. If approved, Trimark will the draft a "Temporary Rent Restructuring Addendum" which takes the total amount due for the remainder of the lease term and spread it out over a longer period, thereby reducing the amount of rent due monthly. Unless all residents and a Trimark representative executes the Rent Restructuring Addendum, rent will remain due as outlined in the original lease agreement.

Resident name on lease (if different than your name).