Trimark Properties Internship Program Advertising and Marketing Internship Details

About the Internship

The Advertising & Marketing Internship at Trimark Properties was designed to give students the opportunity to obtain pre-professional work experience while still pursuing their UF bachelors degree. Because Trimark’s corporate headquarters are conveniently located across the street from UF, students can work around their class schedule and do not have the added costs associated with out-of-town internship programs. The internship is multifaceted and is customized to each intern’s interests and strengths. Advertising & Marketing Interns assist in developing, coordinating and applying the strategic marketing plan for a property management company with over 20 local Gainesville apartment complexes.

Depending on your strengths, interest and area of study, Trimark’s program will include: print and web-based advertising programs, direct mailer campaigns, public relations, corporate brand management, budgeting, forecasting, market research, search engine optimization, and marketing communications. Learn how to create effective advertisements, develop brands, set prices, and plan campaigns. Learn first-hand how to position and penetrate the market for a new (currently in construction) luxury apartment complex project, and help us with our Luxury Dorms for UF Students website redesign.

Discover how to manage a communications program from design inception to implementation. Find out how to design and optimize web-based advertising programs and manage a successful CRM campaign. It’s a great working environment; you won’t believe how much you’ll learn and enjoy working with this team!

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What is the Value of an Internship? Why Do Students Apply?

When you graduate, you’ll be competing for a job against tens of thousands of other graduating students with similar business, advertising, PR and other degrees. Without experience in the field, most resumes look very similar. Good internship experience is one of the best way to out-compete other graduates. You’ll be able to list professional work experience and show that you have already successfully performed strategic advertising & marketing campaign coordination and managed multiple media projects. In an interview, you’ll be able to discuss the challenges of coordinating a multi-level marketing communications program, the difficulty in optimizing websites to obtain top ranking in Google, and why direct advertising campaigns often beat out mass marketing (and costs less). This internship will make a large difference for job placement, post-graduation and makes you more valuable ($$) to the company that hires you.

This internship provides a strong business reference, professional work experience for your resume, and a detailed letter of recommendation which we will tailor for the actual jobs you are applying for. Though internships are unpaid, they offer long-term value that cannot be obtained in school.

The program offers long-term value that cannot be obtained in school. Trimark’s internships, like many others which do not require out of town living expenses, are unpaid. In addition to the experience, reference, and letter of recommendation, qualified applicants can use the Internship to apply for UF class credit for the internship through their respective departments or the Honors College (honors status not required). You’ll receive FREE parking throughout internship period across the street from UF (never take the bus again to get to class). Want to know how valuable an experience it is? We’d be happy to put you in touch with previous interns who could answer your questions and give us a fair, honest review. You’ll find that experience with us is second-to-none.

The Next Step

If you are interested in applying and have not already done so, send your resume and cover letter via email to Use the name “Advertising & Marketing Internship” as the subject. If you have already sent your resume and cover letter, we will be in touch with you soon. Interviews will begin shortly. For more info on the apartments you would be marketing, please visit our Gainesville apartments website at

Interested in an exciting internship which will help develop your skill set and increase your value to future employers? Send informal cover letters and resumes to: or fax (352) 376-6269.