Luxury Residence Halls for University of Florida Students

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here's a list of the most common housing questions we hear from University of Florida students.

Can I reserve a dorm room prior to my University of Florida acceptance?

If you have not yet been accepted, you should request the Freshman Contingency Addendum. When signed with your housing contract, this allows you to cancel your housing contract (should you not be accepted to the University of Florida) by sending proof of non-acceptance to the Luxury Residence Hall Office by February 20, 2018. Since students applying for Fall 2019 admission will be notified regarding acceptance in February 2018 this addendum gives you two weeks to let us know if you are not accepted.

Due to the high demand for the luxury halls, we do not recommend waiting to apply for University of Florida off campus housing until after you receive your acceptance. The most popular room sizes are often booked before that time. If you have signed a Freshman Contingency and provide proof of non-acceptance, any pre-paid deposits will be fully refunded. For complete details on the Freshman Contingency, please request one from a Housing Specialist by calling 352-376-6223.

When can University of Florida students move into the residence halls?

Move-in dates for the luxury residence halls vary based on the dorm building you choose and the semester that you move in (see below). All residence halls have move in dates before classes begin, giving students time to make friends and get to know the campus.

  • Ivy House: August 11, 2018
  • Windsor Hall Building A (all female): August 11, 2018
  • Windsor Hall Building B (co-ed): August 16, 2018
  • University of Florida classes begin August 22, 2018

Which is the best dorm for University of Florida FreshmAN?

Many factors affect which housing option you should choose. Your decision should be made based on the building's proximity to your classes/dining halls/libraries, age of the building, bathroom options, roommate matching options, room size, price and whether or not you are guaranteed placement into the room when you sign up. Unlike the traditional on-campus residence halls, the luxury residence halls guarantee placement when you sign up. They are also closer than many traditional dorms to your classes, dining halls and libraries. They are the closest options to Sorority Row, and they offer the largest, newest rooms at the most affordable cost per month.

Ivy House and Windsor Hall are both great options, but here are some things to consider:
  • Ivy House is female-only while Windsor Hall offers two buildings (a female-only and a co-ed building).
  • Ivy House is located on Sorority Row (and Windsor Hall is just around the corner), making both residence halls ideal choices for students planning on joining a sorority. Since sororities have limited parking, it's best to be within walking distance so that you can attend meetings and eat your meals in the sorority house. Tip: meals in the sorority house are included in your annual dues.
  • Ivy is typically chosen by students looking for the cheapest option; rooms are a bit smaller & have shared bathrooms.
  • Many students will tell you that Windsor Hall is the nicest / best dorm for University of Florida freshmen.
  • Windsor Hall offers larger rooms than Ivy House, and each room has a kitchenette and a private bathroom inside the room. In addition, Windsor Hall is newer and has an on-site pool.

When should I sign up for housing at Ivy House or Windsor Hall?

Like traditional rooms, rooms in the luxury residence halls fill up very quickly. We recommend reserving a room at Windsor or Ivy as soon as you apply to the University of Florida. Most students sign up via our online reservation system , but you can also tour the halls in person and sign up after your tour. Tour hours are available Monday-Friday from 10am until 4:30pm. You can schedule a tour online or call the office for complete details at 352-376-6223.

How close are the luxury residence halls to my classes?

The University of Florida campus is very, very large—but the far majority of classes are located in the North East quadrant of campus, and most freshman take classes within a handful of buildings including Turlington, Carleton, Little, and Norman Hall. Ivy House is the closest residence hall to Norman Hall and Windsor Hall is just a 3 minute walk to Norman Hall. In fact, Windsor and Ivy are located closer than many of the traditional University of Florida residence halls. While living in the luxury dorms, you're just steps from your classes, libraries, sorority row, intramurals, professor's offices, and the main student hangouts around campus. It's the perfect location.

What if I don't have a roommate in mind?

No problem. Windsor Hall & Ivy House offer professional roommate matching based on each student's unique personality profile, including study and sleeping habits, personality, age, social activities, cleanliness and more. This is critically important for ensuring roommates get along well. Roommate matching is not available with University of Florida dorms (which only match based on gender). Many students also use the corresponding Facebook Page for Windsor Hall or Ivy House and pick their own roommate.

Can I reserve a room if I already have a University of Florida Housing Contract?

That may be possible, depending on the time of year and whether or not University of Florida is currently accepting cancellations of University of Florida housing contracts. Please call one of our housing specialists at 352-376-6223 for more info about making changes to your housing. You can begin the process by completing the Luxury Residence Hall reservation form. In your comments, be sure to add that you have a current University of Florida Housing Contract.

What happens if I get into the University of Florida but choose to attend another school?

If the University of Florida is not your first choice and/or you do not intend to move to Gainesville and live in the luxury dorms, you should not requst a room reservation for Fall 2019. Due to the limited number of remaining rooms for Fall 2019, Windsor Hall and Ivy House are no longer accepting Undecided College Addendums. If you return housing paperwork for a Fall 2019 space, you will be responsible for the housing payments in the contract, even if you do not attend the University of Florida.

Can I apply financial aid toward the luxury residence halls?

If you plan on using financial aid, we offer a luxury residence hall deferment payment plan which allows you to pay two installments rather than monthly installments. This deferment plan is popular with students because it allows them payment flexibility until after financial aid disbursement. All scholarships are sent directly to the University of Florida and are applied to tuition before any excess amounts are disbursed to the students for housing, books, etc. After the drop/add period, when you receive scholarships/grants/etc in excess of tuition fees for that semester, students are typically allowed to withdraw that money for housing, living expenses, books, etc. University of Florida Student Financial Affairs will be able to give you more info; you can contact them at 352-392-1275. You can also speak with a Housing Specialist about payment options at 352-376-6223. If you plan on utilizing a scholarship or financial aid, you should request a two installment housing contract before reserving a room. The standard housing contract requires monthly installments and doesn't allow for you to pay with deferment.

Are there Late Applicant or Economy Triples in the luxury residence halls? If I reserve a double room, is there a chance we could have an additional third roommate?

No. In multiple years, the traditional residence halls have had to place three students into double rooms designed to house two students. This makes for a very rough transition from home to a first year at college. This will not happen at Ivy or Windsor. At Windsor Hall and Ivy House, you are guaranteed placement into both the residence hall building AND the room size and style that you sign up for. There are no Late Applicant or Economy Triples in the luxury residence halls. We do not overbook housing.

What is included in the luxury resident hall rooms?

Like traditional University of Florida housing, the luxury residence halls are fully furnished, and all utilities are managed for you, allowing you to focus on school. The furniture packages vary, as indicated below:

  • Ivy House: A standard twin mattress (not an extra-long mattress), bed frame and box spring, desk, desk chair, sink, and ceiling fan.
  • Windsor Hall Singles and Doubles: Standard twin mattress (not extra-long) in most single and double rooms, captain's bed with drawers, desk, desk chair and ceiling fan. The attached kitchenette includes a fridge, microwave and sink. Bathroom includes a shower curtain rod. A limited number of upgraded furniture packages are available with extra-long full-size beds; these beds do not includes drawers.
  • In the Windsor Hall triples, the beds are extra-long full beds. Triple dorm rooms come with a desk & desk chair for each student. The kitchenette includes a fridge, microwave and sink. The triples include 2 closets total.

  • How do I start the Housing application process?

    You can put in a reservation request online or call 352-376-6223 to speak with a housing specialist. If you are coming to Gainesville in the next 10 days, you can also schedule a tour of the residence halls.

    Can Santa Fe students live in the luxury dorms?

    Yes. In fact, these are the ONLY dorms for Santa Fe students. Prospective residents can learn more here.

    Can I live with a friend?

    Yes. You can request a roommate on your housing application. Both roommates need to complete a housing contract in order to live together. Roommate requests are guaranteed as long as both students sign up for the same size room before the floorplan is booked.

    Are the dorm beds Twin or XL Twin or another size?

    At Ivy House, the beds are offer "standard" twin beds (not XL), making it easier for tenants to find their ideal bedding. At Windsor Hall, the beds in most of the single and double rooms are standard twins; the beds in a limited number of upgraded singles and doubles are extra-long full size. In ALL triple rooms at Windsor Hall, the beds are extra-long fulls (not twins). NONE of the twins are either Windsor Hall or Ivy House are extra-long.

    Is there a dining hall? Are the options the same as those in traditional dorms?

    Both Windsor Hall and Ivy House are walking distance to one of the university's most popular dining halls: Broward Dining. Like most traditional residence halls, there is not a dining hall within the actual building. All University of Florida residence halls share centrally located dining halls. All University of Florida students have the same options for meal plans. In addition to dining options for University of Florida dorms, Windsor Hall rooms have a kitchenette in each room. Because of the kitchenette, many students living at Windsor save money by choosing the University of Florida's declining balance meal plan and eating some of their meals in their rooms. The kitchenettes at Windsor allow the most versatility in food options.

    Can students in the University of Florida PaCE Program live in a luxury residence halls?

    Yes. The luxury dorms are the only dorms for University of Florida PaCE students. While some students will opt to stay home, many students will move to Gainesville. University of Florida PaCE students do not have the option to live in traditional University of Florida dorms. Students do have the option of living in the #1 most recommended freshman dorm. Visit the PaCE Dorm webpage for more information.

    Can University of Florida Innovation Academy students live in the luxury dorms?

    Yes. The luxury residence halls are one of the best dorms for Innovation Academy students. In addition to the luxury amenities, they allow students with a spring start-date the opportunity to live next to classes in the fall semester for internships, social connectivity, football games, and more. This way, Innovation Academy students have the opportunity to interact in a social environment with other University of Florida students, and of course these rooms are much nicer than traditional on-campus dorms.

    Most Popular Floorplan for Freshmen

    Double Dorm Rooms at Windsor Hall

    • Up to 60% larger than the typical freshman double dorm room
    • Less expensive than traditional double dorm rooms
    • Meet other University of Florida students
    • Closer to classes, libraries, dining halls, and sorority row
    • Newer and Nicer than tradition college dorms.
    • Bathroom & kitchenette inside every room

    Reservation Process

    Rooms are filling quickly for Fall 2019 move-in.

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    Not coming to the University of Florida in the next couple of weeks? Most students choose to reserve housing via email. To easily secure your room, click here to enter your info. We'll email you your housing paperwork and instructions (remember: your room is not reserved until we receive the completed paperwork. Several room styles are already full, and the remaining single dorm rooms are filling quickly).

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