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DORMS for University of Florida
Innovation Academy Students

The University of Florida Innovation Academy program permits students to attend traditional on-campus classes during the spring and summer semesters. The program allows students to spend their Fall semester attending Univerity of Florida online classes and pursuing internships. Many Innovation Academy students will still choose to move to Gainesville at the beginning of the fall semester so that they don't miss out on the "traditional college experience" that they've dreamed of. Such students want to have the "true freshman college experience" and want to move away to college at the same time as their friends who are also graduating from high school. They want to experience their fall semester along with the traditional University of Florida students: moving out of their parents' homes, rushing sororities and fraternities, attending football games, joining student organizations, and taking their first college classes. Many incoming Innovation Academy freshmen worry that choosing the IA program will cause them to be isolated from the "general" University of Florida population that starts in the fall and that they will "miss out" if they wait until Spring to move away from home. These IA students who want to start their college experience in the fall should consider Windsor Hall and Ivy House, the only two private luxury dorms for University of Florida students.

Students in the Innovation Academy DO have the option of moving to Gainesville and living in a dorm with other University of Florida students in Fall 2020. Windsor Hall and Ivy House, two private residence halls not owned or associated with the University of Florida, are two residence halls that incoming Innovation Academy students are eligible for during the Fall 2020 semester. They are also among the most recommended dorms for University of Florida students and give IA students the true freshman dorm experience.

Luxury residence hall options for students in Innovation Academy.

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Innovation Academy Frequently Asked Questions

are University of Florida incoming Innovation Academy students eligible TO LIVE IN DORMS?

Windsor Hall and Ivy House are two luxury residence halls that incoming University of Florida IA students are eligible to live in during the Fall semster of their first year. Because they are privately owned and not managed by the University of Florida, students do not have to wait until their Spring semester to move into them. Students accepted into the standard University of Florida on-campus program are also eligible to live at Windsor Hall and Ivy House, so IA students will be integrated into a dorm with University of Florida general population students, too. Living in a dorm environment in Gainesville will allow students to live amongst other University of Florida students, join sororities and fraternities, attend football and basketball games, pursue internships, take part in extracurriculars, get to know the University of Florida campus during the fall semester.

Why should Innovation Acamdeny students live in a dorm during the Fall semester of their freshmen year?

National studies show that first-year college students who live in residence halls have a higher GPA, more on-campus involvement, a stronger sense of community with their classmates, and a higher graduation rate when compared with students who do not live in residence halls their first year. Living in a luxury residence hall allows them to live amongst other University of Florida students gets them acquainted with other like-minded students going through the University of Florida freshman experience together. They can still be a part of campus events, sports, and join clubs. but put simply, by living in a freshman residence hall, they can have the college experience that they expected.

Can Innovation Academy students request to live with roommates that are also a part of IA?

Yes. Students can request specific students within Innovation Academy (or outside of IA).

Are Windsor Hall and Ivy House dorms?

Windsor Hall and Ivy House are private luxury residence halls. They are classified as residence halls by the United States Government, but they are not owned or associated with the University of Florida. They are true dorms and residence halls.

How close are Windsor Hall & Ivy House to the dining halls?

Both Windsor Hall and Ivy House are walking distance to one of the university's most popular dining halls: Broward Dining. Like most traditional on-campus residence halls, there is not a dining hall within the actual residence hall. On-campus residence halls share centrally located dining halls. Students living at all the residence halls have the same options for University of Florida meal plans. In addition to the food that they can eat at the Dining Halls, Windsor Hall rooms have a kitchenette inside. Because of the kitchenette, many students living at Windsor save money by choosing the University of Florida's declining balance meal plan and eating some of their meals in their rooms.

If an IA student reserves a room in a luxury dorm, can they reserve it only for the Fall semester?

No. Students who move into Windsor Hall or Ivy House would be required to stay in the same room for the Spring and Summer semesters.

What steps should students take to secure housing?
  1. Get to know your options by viewing the University of Florida dorms vs Luxury Dorms Video, FAQ
  2. Windsor Hall and Ivy House
  3. Choose your preferred room size (single, double or triple)
  4. Choose your preferred residence hall (need help? check out this comparison or call and speak with a housing specialist)
  5. Fill out the reservation form and we'll send you everything you need

Most Popular Floorplan for University of Florida Freshmen

Double Dorm Rooms at Windsor Hall

  • Up to 60% larger than the typical freshman double dorm room
  • Less expensive than traditional double rooms
  • Meet other University of Florida students
  • Closer to classes, libraries, dining halls, and sorority row
  • Newer and Nicer than tradition college dorms.
  • Bathroom & kitchenette inside every room

Dorm Rooms by Size
Ivy House

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