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The Nimbus Building (SharpSpring’s new global headquarters) is located in Innovation Square, the high-tech & research district located between UF and Downtown Gainesville.


Trimark Properties is a real estate developer and property management firm with headquarters in Gainesville, FL. Trimark specializes in niche real estate, with 25 student housing properties, a series of renovated historic homes, and a large portfolio of customizable commercial real estate including cool office buildings, spec lab spaces, and inviting restaurant/retail space. Trimark Properties began in 1992 and has concentrated on the Gainesville real estate market since it’s early beginnings. Trimark is the winner of more than 20 Gainesville City Beautification awards, and is one of the fastest growing niche real estate developers in north central Florida. 


SharpSpring is a leading provider of simple, easy, affordable marketing automation software. Their features range from automated emails and campaign tracking to call tracking and sales notifications. They are also one of the coolest tech places to work in Florida, experiencing a very high level of growth. They are currently hiring talented developers, smart marketers, innovative client reps, etc.


Rick Carlson is a founder of SharpSpring and CEO of the SMTP inc. group. He started with the goal of bringing marketing analytics and automation tools to small and medium businesses on an affordable and easy-to-use SaaS platform. Rick has 12 years of executive management experience in the technology sector, holding president, CEO, general manager, and board positions at several successful Internet security companies. 


John Fleming is a managing partner at Trimark Properties and one of the leading forces behind Innovation Square in Gainesville. With more than 25 years of experience in real estate management and development, he balance an impeccable eye for detail with a strong vision for the greater Gainesville economy. He is well known as a leader in the real estate community, has sat as a leading board member of the Gainesville Chamber, and provides mentorship to many of Gainesville’s CEOs and politicians. 

321 SW 13th street
Gainesville, FL 32601

(352) 376-6223
(352) 376-6269