Better than Traditional UF Residence Halls

  • Guaranteed placement with housing agreement
  • Closer to UF classes than traditional dorms
  • Unmatched amenities and location
  • Up to 60% Larger Rooms
  • Luxury Single, Double, & Triple Suites
  • Cheaper than traditional UF Dorms
  • The full college experience
  • Newer & nicer dorm rooms
  • UF students in a social setting
  • Choose shared or private bathrooms
  • The best residence hall experience
  • It's not too late to change your reservation!
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Ivy House

Ivy House Dorms
  • • Located on UF Sorority Row
  • • Singles, Doubles & Triples
  • • Female Only
  • • Sink in every room
  • • Assigned Parking Available
  • More Details
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Windsor Hall

Windsor Hall - Best UF Housing Options
  • • Steps from UF Classes
  • • Singles & Doubles
  • • 1 co-ed & 1 female building
  • • Bathroom & Kitchenette in EVERY room
  • • Assigned Parking Available
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Location: Walk to UF Classes!

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Residence Halls Comparison Chart

Ivy House Windsor Hall Traditional UF Residence Halls
(Broward, Jennings)
Luxury Residence Hall Yes Yes No
Style? Single, Double, & Triple Single & Double Double
Kitchen? Gourmet Kitchen on 2nd Floor Kitchenette No
Living Space? 200 sqft 270 sqft < 192 sqft
Bathroom? Share with 5-6 other rooms Private Bath: share only with your suitemates Share with 35+ people
Roommate Matching? Professional Roommate Matching Professional Roommate Matching No, Only Random Roommates.
Parking? Assigned Available Assigned Available No
On-site Luxury Pool? No Yes No
Co-ed or Female-only? Female-only 2 buildings: 1 Co-ed and 1 Female-only Co-ed
Which one is the best deal? $534+ up $529+ up $639+ up
Above chart compares average measurements for a Double in Traditional Residence Halls.

Residence Halls?

UF Students looking for the best housing options should strongly consider the Windsor Hall and Ivy House instead of the traditional University of Florida residence halls (such as Broward Hall, Beaty, Hume Hall, etc). These luxury residence halls offer the largest room sizes (up to 60% larger than traditional residence halls), newer accommodations, and an upscale setting where they can meet other UF students. Planning on rushing? Ivy House is the closest residence hall to the University of Florida's Sorority Row.

Windsor Hall is one of the most popular residence halls for UF freshmen, because students are guaranteed placement into a room with an attached bathroom (rather than the standard "residence hall bathroom" that you share down the hall with 40+ other people). UF residence halls comparisons can help you decide which is the best choice for you.

Windsor Hall and Ivy House are privately owned properties and are not affiliated with the University of Florida, UF Housing Department, or any other University of Florida entity.

How to Reserve a Room

  1. Get to know your options by viewing the video, floorplan pages and FAQ
  2. Choose your preferred room size (single, double or triple)
  3. Choose your preferred residence hall (need help? check out this comparison or call and speak with a housing specialist)
  4. Fill out the reservation form and we'll send you everything you need

If you are coming to UF soon, you can schedule a tour and reserve a room in person.

Are you a Santa Fe student? Visit the webpage here .

Most incoming freshmen who tour all options choose a Windsor Hall Double Room.

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What UF Students Are Saying

"I got the 'college dorm experience' [at Windsor Hall] without having to worry about all the negatives of that freshmen experience in traditional dorms, like having to carry shampoo down the hall everyday and wear flip flops in the shower."

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Hi-Speed Ethernet Included in Rent

Hi-Speed Ethernet Included in Rent

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