Cornerstone Roads Project Will Create Urban Greenway Through Innovation Square

“This is happening much faster than I would have ever imagined,” said Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) engineer Diane Gilreath about Innovation Square. “Momentum is gaining because everyone involved is really buying into the vision of Innovation Square.”

New roads in the science and technology community will create a structure that allows for easy walkability and interaction among residents.

SW 9th Street in Innovation Square will bring a natural greenway to urban life.

The new roads will cut through land that once held the Alachua General Hospital (AGH). Since the closing and demolition of the hospital in fall 2009, a team of organizations – including the City of Gainesville, University of Florida, and the CRA – have cooperated to develop a transformation plan for the 10-acre property that lies in the core of Innovation Square.

“It’s a real testament to the community’s belief in Innovation Square and the future of Gainesville,” managing partner at Trimark Properties, John Fleming, said of the community’s uniting to achieve a common goal in Innovation Square. Trimark will be developing the Infusion Technology Center at UF Innovation Square, which will be adjacent to the Florida Innovation Hub. “Innovation Square represents an opportunity for Gainesville to position itself as a national leader in innovation and technology. We just need to continue taking the right steps to get there.”

The land for SW 9th Street and SW 3rd Avenues is currently owned by the University of Florida Development Corporation (UFDC). The UFDC has agreed to donate the land to the city in assistance with this project.

“At Innovation Square, we’re competing on the world market to attract and retain companies,” Gilbreath said. “We’re setting the stage by installing the utilities, roadway, and network. The developers just need to show up.”

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