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How Many Times Do Entrepreneurs Try Before They Fail? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Getting down after your ideas fail to pick up steam? Being an entrepreneur means getting prepared for disappointment and letting the failure fuel your success.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 26-SEP-2013
New Apartment Complex Leasing Fast in Innovation Square, near UF Campus

Savion Park, a new Gainesville apartment complex in Innovation Square 3 blocks from UF campus, has already pre-leased 30% of its units by offering a contemporary design and unparalelled features for students and young professionals.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 25-SEP-2013
UF Ranked 4th in Country for Launching Startups

UF has ranked 4th in the nation in startup creation with 15 just last year. UF also ranked 11th for the number of licenses and options it granted for university research.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 19-SEP-2013
Gainesville-Based Company Named to Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Companies

Gainesville's bio-science and tech scenes aren't showing signs of slowing their pace after a local company has made it on the Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Companys list.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 18-SEP-2013
UF Moves Up in Newest Rankings, Nears Goal of Top-10 University

UF has moved closer to its goal of becoming a top-10 university after the U.S. News & World Report rankings of colleges and universities ranked it 14th among public universities and 49th among national universities.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 10-SEP-2013
Gainesville Community Attracting International Companies to Innovation Square

International companies are relocating or expanding to Innovation Square for an opportunity to be a part of the cohesive, welcoming Gainesville community.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 28-AUG-2013
Startup Quest Entrepreneurship Training Coming Back to Gainesville

Startup Quest, an entrepreneurship training program for unemployed or underemployed degree-holding professionals, will be holding an introductory workshop for its 2013 program tomorrow afternoon.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 27-AUG-2013
VenturePitch to Include Gainesville Companies and Keynote Speaker

VenturePitch, a venture-capital competition and networking event, is partnering with and inviting local companies and entrepreneurs. The event will take place Tuesday evening from 6 to 9:30 PM.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 23-AUG-2013
Gainesville Ranked "#1 City on the Rise"

Gainesville has been ranked #1 City on the Rise by notable finance and investing site, NerdWallet.com, because of recent growth in income, employment, and air traffic.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 21-AUG-2013
9-Week Tech Program Empowers Women in Tech Start-ups

eWITS, a free, nine-week program designed to get more women into the technology start-up sector will begin and September and offer entrepreneurial and business skills to participants.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 20-AUG-2013
Innovation Square Continues Growing as Area Unemployment Stays Low

Gainesville Area unemployment continues to stay low as Innovation Square developments come to fruition. New projects should increase added jobs and activity to the area.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 19-AUG-2013
Mindtree Releases Q1 Results, U.S. Component Leads in Growth

Innovation Square tenant and global technology company, Mindtree, has released its 2013 1st Quarter result. U.S.-based operations led Mindtree's 52% growth in net profit.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 15-AUG-2013
ScienceWriters 2013 Registration Opens Tomorrow

Registration opens tomorrow for ScienceWriters 2013, hosted by UF. The event, from November 1st through the 5th, will be held at the Hilton University of Florida Conference Center.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 14-AUG-2013
State Economists Foresee Growth in Florida

As business investment and tourism ramp up in Florida, economists predict steady economic growth in the coming years and increased tax income for state municipalities.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 13-AUG-2013
Local Organizations Can Become More Innovative Through UF's Design Thinker: Experience Innovation' Workshop

The Design Thinker: Experience Innovation workshop will give local individuals the chance to learn skills to 'invent the future' and become more innovative. The program will take place at UF TREEO building on August 16th.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 12-AUG-2013
Economist Says "Florida Has Many Distinct Advantages" in Current Bull Market

Economist Jeff Korzenik believes that 'Florida has many distinct advantages in the business community' in the current bull market of the United States.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 7-AUG-2013
Gainesville One of Four Schools "Just As Great as Ivy League Schools"

UF has been mentioned as one of four schools that are 'just as great as Ivy League schools' by millenial/political site Policymic.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 6-AUG-2013
Gainesville Ranked 3rd Best College Town in the Nation

Gainesville has been ranked the 3rd best college town in the US by Livability, a site highlighting America's best places to live and visit.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 6-AUG-2013
Ayers Plaza Finding New Purpose at Innovation Square

Previously an active medical center, Ayers Technology Plaza is finding new life in the core of the University of Florida’s Innovation Square. Companies hoping to be a part of the development and growth in the Innovation Square science and technology community see Ayers as a strategic location.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 5-AUG-2013
Florida a Top 5 State for Angel Investment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Florida is a top 5 state for attracting the approximately $20 billion of Angel investment each year. This is a great indicator of the thriving entrepreneurial community in the Sunshine State.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 5-AUG-2013
RELEASED: New Renderings of the Infusion Technology Center

New renderings have been released showcasing the Infusion Technology Center and the interactive community surrounding it, including the immediately adjacent Florida Innovation Hub.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 2-AUG-2013
Simon Sinek: How Extraordinary Leaders Evolve

Simon Sinek, the second-most-viewed speaker on Ted.com with over 11.6 million views, wrote his first book, Start with Why, after a loss of career passion caused him to rediscover his excitement about life.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 31-JUL-2013
Increasing Innovation: Getting Employees to Ask Questions

Is your company starting to stagnate? Unearth new ideas, empower employees, and find innovative solutions through Hal Gergersen's Catalytic Questioning.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 30-JUL-2013
HackerHouse Inventions to be Revealed Sunday Evening

For three months, the first class of eight HackerHouse cadets has been living together with free food and lodging with nothing to worry about but inventing technologies and starting companies.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 29-JUL-2013
Growth at Innovation Square Increasing Jobs and Sales at Local Companies

New companies and developments at Innovation Square are increasing the demand for local goods and services, allowing businesses all over Gainesville to expand their workforces and invest in other local organizations.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 26-JUL-2013
Sid Martin Biotech Incubator Ranked Best in the World in Global Study

A testament to the area's growing science and technology sectors, Alachua's Sid Martin Biotech Incubator was ranked “World’s Best University Biotechnology Incubator” in a Sweden-based research group UBI.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 25-JUL-2013
Florida #1 State in US for Wealth Migration

For over twenty years, more money has been entering the Florida economy than any other state. Florida's gain of $95.6 billion dwarfs runner-up Arizona's $28 billion.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 24-JUL-2013
Gainesville Chamber's Goal is to Create Jobs "from the GED to the PhD"

When confronted with the opportunity to move to Gainesville, Susan Davenport saw a community dedicated to creating jobs and becoming an incubator for new, innovative companies in all industries.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 23-JUL-2013
Locally-Developed Algebra App Drives Statewide Progress

An algebra app developed through a partnership with the UF Lastinger Center for Learning and Study Edge is being used to teach students in all 67 Florida counties.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 22-JUL-2013
Hundreds Show Up For Inaugural "Start Up Downtown"

Nearly 200 showed up for last night's Start Up Downtown, an event organized by Florida Works, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, and Innovation Gainesville.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 19-JUL-2013
Two New Apartment Complexes Unveiled Near UF Campus

Spanish-themed Solaria and historical-luxury designed Greystone have been unveiled just one block east of the University of Florida Campus.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 18-JUL-2013
Tonight's Start Up Downtown Will Connect Job-Seekers with Local Start Up Companies

Start Up Downtown will be held tonight from 6-9 p.m. on the second-floor balcony of the Union Street Station and will companies such as Mobiquity, Trendy Entertainment, Grooveshark, and Fracture.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 18-JUL-2013
Florida Earns National Award for Significant Job Creation and Economic Impact

Area Development magazine has awarded Florida the Silver Shovel award, highlighting the state's ability to create a significant amount of jobs and economic impact.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 17-JUL-2013
Software Startup Greeted with "Highly Active Startup Environment" in Gainesville

10 years after earning his MBA from the University of Florida, Rick Carlson moved back to Gainesville to raise his son and begin his software start-up company, SharpSpring.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 15-JUL-2013
Local Company Receives $1.2 Million Grant to Develop Self-Monitoring Pill

Jonesville-based eTect has received a $1.2 million grant to develop a pill with a sand-grain sized sensor sends a signal to a monitor worn by the patient.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 11-JUL-2013
Researchers Discover Pathway of Lethal Brain Cancer, Could Lead to Better Diagnosis and Treatment

Researchers at the University of Florida have discovered the pathway involved in the spread of the most deadly kind of brain cancer.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 9-JUL-2013
New Roads Will Create Framework for Interactive Community at Innovation Square

New street developments underway in the science and technology community are part of an infrastructure plan that will create lively, walkable blocks that support interaction and collaboration.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 8-JUL-2013
UF One of Six National Universities Awarded Super-Computing Research Grant

The University of Florida has been honored as one of six national universities tasked with conducting high-performance computing research aimed at addressing real world problems.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 5-JUL-2013
Buildings Sprouting Up at UF Innovation Square

Buildings within Innovation Square are beginning pop up. Trimark Properties announced it will break ground on the Infusion Technology Center at UF Innovation Square in the next quarter after picking a construction manager.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 3-JUL-2013
Construction Manager Announced for Infusion Technology Center at UF Innovation Square

Gainesville-based Trimark Properties announced it has selected Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI) as Construction Manager for its newest portfolio addition -- its state-of-the-art, $30 million, eight-story Infusion Technology Center at UF Innovation Square.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 3-JUL-2013
Gainesville Among Brainiest Cities in America

In a recent study, highlighted by innovation Daily, Gainesville was ranked as one of "America's Brainiest Cities". Gainesville outperformed similar areas like Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 2-JUL-2013
Gainesville and University of Florida Attracting Praise for Innovation Square

The growing technological presence in Gainesville and Innovation Square are receiving state-wide attention for developing a model for efficient, sustainable economic growth.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 1-JUL-2013
Regional Economic Forum Sheds Light on What Gainesville Needs to Do to Stay Competitive

Innovation Gainesville's (iG) Regional Economic Forum was an unveiling of months of analysis and research highlighting the economic opportunities and future of Gainesville.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 28-JUN-2013
Florida Students Spending Summer Learning Entrepreneurship and Business Skills

Across South Florida, students of all ages are using summer vacation time to learn more about creating and running a business.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 27-JUN-2013
Florida's Economic Confidence Highest Since April 2007

With the strength of the stock market, employement rate, and median home prices continuing to increase, Florida consumers are growing more optimistic about economic conditions.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 26-JUN-2013
Small Business Advice From Florida Leaders

Florida leaders in education, business, and government have offered their tips to those starting their own business.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 25-JUN-2013
Encell Technology Explores Possibility of Expanding Operations in Alachua County

Encell Technology, a company that designs battery storage and management systems, has proposed establishing operations at Phoenix Commercial Park on Highway 441 in Alachua. It is projected that the battery storage design and managements systems company would create 167 jobs involving a wide variety of skills and educational backgrounds.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 21-JUN-2013
CurtCo Receives Warm Welcome to Innovation Square from Gainesville Community

The publishing company, most known for the Robb Report, was greeted today by a large crowd at Ayers Technology Plaza across the street from the Florida Innovation Hub. Mayor Ed Braddy headlined a prominent list of speakers including CurtCo Media’s Dr. John Anderson, Senior VP of the Digital Group, and David Arnold, Senior VP Publishing Director.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 17-JUN-2013
Gainesville Ranked 2nd Fastest Growing City in Nation

In a recent study conducted by prominent finance and investing site NerdWallet, Gainesville ranked the second fastest growing city in the United States. Gainesville topped the list in median income, and had the second-highest ranking employment rate.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 14-JUN-2013
Amazon Coming to Florida

Online retail giant Amazon.com will open warehouses in Florida in an effort to decrease shipping times for online orders. The move will result in over 3,000 jobs.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 14-JUN-2013
Newest Infusion Technology Center Renderings Foreshadow the Building's Presence at Innovation Square

The newest renderings of the Infusion Technology Center at UF Innovation Square showcase plans for the next building in the science and technology community.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 12-JUN-2013
CurtCo Robb Media Community Celebration Monday at 5:15pm

A formal celebration will be held on Monday, June 17th, welcoming CurtCo Robb Media to Innovation Square. The event is scheduled to begin at 5:15pm in the main atrium of Ayers Innovation Plaza, across the street from the Florida Innovation Hub.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 11-JUN-2013
Innovation Square CEO Making a Difference for Tornado Victims

Kristi Taylor, CEO of Innovation Square company MonkeyWish.com, saw an opporunity to help when she drove through Moore, Oklahoma last Sunday. Taylor is helping distraught residents of the tornado-ravaged town by allowing victims and non-profit organizations to use her online wish list service to replace lost or damaged items.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 7-JUN-2013
Innovation Square Company, Fracture, Increases Investments

Fracture has gained another $500,000 in funding from West Florida investor. The company, operating in Innovation Square and known for its excellent quality and customer service, prints digital photos to glass.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 6-JUN-2013
First Innovation Square Building a Testament to Synergy in the Tech Community

The Florida Innovation Hub, the first building constructed in UF Innovation Square, is experiencing success that foreshadows the bright future of the 40-acre science and research community.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 5-JUN-2013
Start-ups Excited About Future at Innovation Square

Spirits are high at businesses in UF Innovation Square. Following the recent success of some neighboring tenants, established businesses and entrepreneurial ventures within the area see a bright future for themselves and the Innovation Square community as a whole.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 4-JUN-2013
Innovation Attracting Investment at UF Innovation Square

Discovery within UF Innovation Square is not going unnoticed. A number of companies in the science and technology community have harnessed funding and partnerships that foreshadow future economic growth in Gainesville.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 4-JUN-2013
Florida a Top 10 State for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

With recent developments, Florida has ranked in the top 10 states to start a busisiness. The Sunshine State also ranked 1st for Infrastructure, Higher Education Efficiency, and Business Birthrate.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 3-JUN-2013
Publication Company Adds Jobs, Diversity to Innovation Square

Innovation Square has attracted an international publishing company to the area, known for appealing to technology businesses. CurtCo Robb Media plans to add jobs and benefit from local resources at the University of Florida.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 30-MAY-2013
Consumer Confidence in Florida Rises to Highest Since August 2007

For the third straight month, consumer confidence in Florida has been on the incline. It now is as high as it has been since before the Recession.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 28-MAY-2013
Innovation Square Attracting More Than High-Tech Companies

Innovation Square has become well-known for their influx of technology companies, but new neighbors to the research community aim to support these high-growth businesses.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 24-MAY-2013
Mobiquity makes first hires, finds office space at Innovation Square

Mobile solutions company Mobiquity has begun its hiring process and has found a property to operate at within Innovation Square. The company will bring 250 new jobs to the area.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 8-MAY-2013
Acclaimed Architect Group and Construction Firm Move to Innovation Square

Ponikvar & Associates and CPPI add to the list of companies relocating to Innovation Square. The two first are preparing for upcoming projects in the area.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 29-APR-2013
Mobiquity Expands to Gainesville, Creating 260 jobs

Mobiquity joins others like SumTotal Systems, Silver Airways, Mindtree Ltd., and Sears Holdings as companies that have either relocated or expanded to Gainesville in recent years, further establishing Gainesville as a hub for innovation and technology.

Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce | STAFF | 24-APR-2013
Meeting of the Minds for Innovation Square's MindTree and New General Manager

Joelle Smith moving to Gainesville to return to MindTree. Settled in at Innovation Square, the company hopes to expand its operations in global information technology solutions.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 22-APR-2013
New Artist Rendering of Infusion Technology Center Released!

The newest artist portrayal of Infusion Technology Center paints a dynamic picture of the productivity the building will bring to Innovation Square at UF and Gainesville in general.

Trimark Properties | STAFF | 25-MAR-2013

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